Day by Day CD

Description: Dave Hinshaw on piano and Becky Kurtti on organ. 1. Day by Day 2. Amazing Grace 3. The Old Rugged Cross 4. Until Then 5. Just As I Am 6. Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone? 7. From Every Stormy Wind That Blows 8. What a Friend We Have in Jesus 9. In the Garden 10. Children of the Heavenly Father

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igual que ayer CD

Description: Giovanni Sinay Leiva singing hymns in Spanish. 1. Rey de mi vida 2. Te loamos oh Dios 3. ¿Con qué pagaremos? 4. Jesús es mi Rey Soberano 5. Qué maravilla es! 6. Ya pertenezco a Cristo 7. Adoradle 8. En Jesucristo 9. Tierra de Palestina 10. ¡Oh Cantádmelas otra vez!

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India at Sunrise - Picture

Description: India at Sunrise Picture with Bible verse. Available in 8x10, or 11x14.
Print will be shipped directly to you from in a photos safe shipping. Photo and design by Julie Ann
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Handcrafted Wooden Pens

Description: These beautiful pens are handmade by Pastor Raymond Hilman. They are made out a variety of woods such as pecan, walnut, maple, and sycamore; and various metals like copper, gold, gunmetal, satin pearl, and silver. Due to this great variety, we will try to find you a certain type of pen if you request it, or you can have us pick out one for you. You can also email for the exact wood types available. Item # 0011

Suggested Donation: $25 for the "twist" style, and $35 for the "click" style

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Naomi in Nigeria

Description: This book is a compilation of letters that were written back and forth to Nigeria in the very beginnings of the ALC's Mission work around the world. A must read! Item # 0006

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Love of God CD

Description: This CD by Carl Wirkkala & Lucas Holmgren contains many favorite hymns with guitar and vocal. The songs are 1. My Jesus I Love Thee, 2. Day by Day, 3. I Shall Not be Moved, 4. Was it Not Enough, 5. Just a Closer Walk With Thee, 6. Old Rugged Cross, 7. Confidence, 8. Till the Storm Passes By, 9. Silence, 10. The Love of God, 11. No Other Song, 12. I Look Not Back, 13. Power in the Blood. Item # 0020

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Joseph Through the Ages

Description: This book is about Joseph from the Old Testament and is called Joseph through the ages because it makes clear that these precious Old Testament stories were not only for those times, but relate to our daily lives. It also recounts the numerous comparisons between Joseph and our Lord Jesus. Item #0010

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This book is not only an engaging account of the life and example of Joseph but it also touches each of our lives in a special way. In virtually every paragraph we find a mini meditation to help and encourage us in everyday life stuations that we face. John Ruotsala weaves the dramatic events in Joseph's life with many other compelling accounts and experiences - culminating in the Chirst-like theme of forgiveness. Joseph becomes a 21st century spirtual role model. -- Review by: Pastor Dennis Hilman

Anticipation CD

Description: The CD is congregation singing sung by the Saints of God. This was recorded in South Carolina before the annual convention a few years ago. Music is performed by Marcus Wargh on the piano. Item # 0009

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Rock of Ages CD

Description: This wonderful CD is piano music performed by Chris Levijoki. Songs: 1. As A Deer, 2. Come Thou Fount, 3. Jesus, Savior, Pilot me, 4. My Faith Has Found A Resting Place, 5. Because He Lives, 6. Saved by Grace, 7. When Peace Like a River, 8. The Sands Have Been Washed, 9. Rock of Ages Item # 0008
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Faith Comes by Hearing New Testament on MP3

Description: This special MP3 player is preloaded with the entire King James version New Testament. It is set up with a format that allows you to listen to the entire New Testament in 40 days if you listen to 28 minutes per day. Item #0017

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The Foreign Mission DVD

Description: A DVD put together several years ago with different missionaries talking about the work of the Foreign Mission.

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Where He Leads...

Description: The Where He Leads Me... Newsletter is available for all for the asking. Item # 0014

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